Fix Leaks

How much water does your family use? You may measure your water use by how much you Spend on water, but what about Measuring Gallons Used? Your water bill shows how much water your property consumed each month, and probably shows how it compares with previous months. Go take a look. It is very helpful information - it could show you a silent thief is stealing your water. But before you get an unexpected high water bill, check for leaks. The best way is to familiarize yourself with your water meter. It is also important to locate your master valve in case of an emergency.


Here's how to read your meter to check for leaks:

  1. Turn off all water consuming appliances (ice maker, evaporative coolers, irrigation systems, etc.) and faucets.
  2. Find the dial on your outside meter that has the smallest unit of measure. Note where the needle reads. The meter pictured here reads 1,739,622 gallons.
  3. Read your meter again after 15-30 minutes. If the needle has moved, you have a leak. Some meters have a little red or black triangle that spins when water is being used and is a quick way to detect a leak.

To determine if the leak is indoors or out, turn off the valve to the house. If the needle or triangle continues to move, your leak is in-between the meter and the house. If the needle stops, then the leak is inside your house.

For more details on reading your meter, visit How to Read Your Meter atH2OUSE and/or contact your water provider.