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Applicants are eligible for USPP Mini Grants if they live within the Sierra Vista Subwatershed of the San Pedro River, which is outlined in orange.




USPP Mini Grant Application

Business and Commercial Water Conservation Grant Program
Up to $2000 within 45 days!

Get a grant to save money on water costs! Your business can improve its cash flow while supporting the economy, Ft. Huachuca, and the San Pedro River.

Water Conservation Grant Program Form

Who’s eligible? Any business in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed (including Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Tombstone, Naco, Huachuca City and the unincorporated areas). See the map photo, or contact us to verify your eligibility.

Grants help you:
  • Replace older toilets with newer ones.
  • Install waterless urinals.
  • Replace outdated commercial washing machines with water efficient ones.
  • Install cartridge filters for swimming pools instead of sand filters.
  • Remove costly turf or install an easy Xeriscape or RainScape.
  • Install a rain water harvesting system for irrigation or to flush toilets

There are many more options to choose from. Fill out the form above to get started!

Having problems with the form?
  • Email our friendly Water Wise Specialist Trevor at and make an appointment for a complimentary on-site visit.
  • Decide what you want to replace or install. With your input, the Water Wise Specialist will offer recommendations and together you will figure out how you can save water and money.
  • Then fill out the online form.

Get recognized for your stewardship! If you get a grant, the Upper San Pedro Partnership will publicly acknowledge your business. USPP wants your customers (and potential new ones) to know you helped to preserve the San Pedro River, support Ft. Huachuca and protect the economy by taking action and saving water. Everybody wins!

The Water Conservation Grants are funded by the Upper San Pedro Partnership and are administered in cooperation with the Water Wise Program of the Cooperative Extension of the University of Arizona.

Residential Toilet Rebates

The Niagara Stealth is one of many WaterSense certified products on the market eligible for the City of Sierra Vista Toilet Rebate

As an example, the Niagara Stealth from Home Depot costs $210 and only uses .8GPF! Check it out here:…

Home Depot

Is your toilet an ancient water hog? It may be eligible for a local rebate program. There are separate programs for Sierra Vista residents and for the rest of the county.

Sierra Vista Toilet Rebate

The City is offering rebates when you install an EPA WaterSense-approved toilet as part of its ongoing water conservation efforts. By replacing your existing toilets with a model that uses 1.28 gallons or less per flush, you can receive a rebate of $50-$100. Visit the website for more details an an application.

Limit 2 per household. All rebates will be provided on a first come, first served basis for Sierra Vista residential City Sewer customers only, subject to availability of funds.

Rebate Amounts

  • Replace 5 gpf toilet (pre-1980) with 1.28 gpf toilet = $100 rebate
  • Replace 3.5 gpf toilet (1981-1994) with 1.28 gpf toilet = $75 rebate
  • Replace 3.5 gpf (1981-1994) with 0.8 gpf toilet = $100 rebate
  • Replace 1.6 gpf toilet (1995-2008) with 1.28 gpf = $50 rebate
  • Replace 1.6 gpf toilet (1995-2008) with 0.8 gpf toilet = $75 rebate
Cochise County Toilet Rebates

If you are located outside of Sierra Vista (do not use Sierra Vista sewer services), you have similar options for rebates up to $100 per toilet with appropriate documentation purchased after July 26th, 2004. The PDF application is available here and further instructions are on the rebate website. The following steps are the homeowner's responsibility:

  1. Select, purchase, and install the low-flow toilet, including selecting, scheduling, and paying the plumber. Cochise County accepts no responsibility for the homeowner's selection, installation, or operation of new toilets.
  2. Complete the program application. The application must be submitted with an unaltered original store receipt or service invoice indicating a new toilet was purchased and installed. All documentation should be mailed to this address: Cochise County Toilet Rebate Program, 1415 Melody Lane, Building G, Bisbee, AZ 85603
  3. Dispose of the old toilet(s). ($5 for loads under 160lbs. If disposed of with other waste, make sure attendant makes note of toilet being included in the load). Find your nearest Solid Waste Transfer Location here. Solid waste staff will verify receipt of the old toilet with a stamp specific to the delivery location. Participant's signature on the completed application attests to witnessing the destruction of the toilet(s).

A completed application, along with an original unaltered sales receipt or service invoice for installed toilet(s), verified application stamped by a Solid Waste Transfer Station attendant that the old toilet(s) were received/destroyed and applicant's signature on the application, must be received to guarantee the rebate amount.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Rebates are subject to budget availability/availability of program funding.
  • Installations must be located in a Cochise County residential property outside of the city limits of Sierra Vista.
  • Rebates would not apply to toilets purchased or installed before the initiation of this program, July 26, 2004.
  • Limited to the actual cost of toilets replaced, up to two toilets per residential property, up to $100 for each toilet replaced. Maximum rebate - $200. Businesses and manufactured homes are not eligible for rebates.
  • Please allow up to 30 days for processing and mailing of rebate payments.