Residential Site Visits

Water Wise will visit your home free of charge to give you ideas and tips on making your home landscape beautiful-as well as water efficient. We make recommendations on lowering indoor and outdoor water use; graywater; water harvesting; watering trees, shrubs and bedding plants; lawn and plant care and help with irrigation systems. 

Home Water Conservation Consultation Form


Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Assistance

The ICI program focuses on the commercial sector and provides conservation incentives through analysis of water use and specific recommendations with quantified water savings. The ICI program also assists the Upper San Pedro Partnership, chairing the Retail Committee, with their Water Conservation Grant program, as well delivering Uppercut Flushometer toilet valves to businesses to replace outdated commercial toilet valves.

For residents of Cochise County, call our Sierra Vista office at 520-621-7776 to set up an appointment.